Swagger Swagger

In 2004 I wrote the book Don’t Stop the Swagger…at that time not many people were familiar with the word. Many people related SWAGGER to external things like money, cars, clothes etc…A swagger may produce such material things but I can say it is much  deeper than that. One would be deceived in thinking that SWAGGER was a material thing.

A SWAGGER can’t be acquired by material objects. It comes from a source deep within that you may have never known you possessed. The swagger never lets circumstance or criticism interrupt the mission.

But what happens when your uncommon dream doesn’t go as planned –your business fails, tragedy hits, you make a bad decision, your marriage goes downhill, your athletic aspirations don’t pan out or you’re in a job that just doesn’t do it for you? You see with every little hiccup in life you lose energy, excitement and drive. YOU LOSE YOUR SWAGGER

Now men, yes you men out their…You hard working men, divorced men, ex athletes, you beaten down, beat up, down for the count with every one counting you out. You know what I’m talking about. Life can sometimes take no prisoners. Being an athlete I’ve watched countless athletes get hurt, lack the education and struggle to find that passion and purpose they once had. I’ve seen countless men go into a shell after losing a job…IT’S NOT OVER!

I’ve seen relationships suffer because men lack the passion, excitement, enthusiasm that they once had. Women can see and feel this loss of confidence, passion and zest for life. LET ME SAY IT AGAIN, IT’S NOT OVER!

If you’re questioning whether you have ever had a swagger, believe me, it’s there. It’s the very thing you like to talk about, the passion that propels you toward your deepest desires. SWAGGER is purpose, passion, excitement and most of all self belief in who you are and what you can be.

And oh, I have not forgotten the women and warriors out there doing it all, handling it all, being required to do more than they ever have. We all lose that SWAGGER.

But first let me introduce myself. I am Damon J. Smith a once beat down, down for the count guy. I picked myself up and figured out a formula that allowed me to become a two sport professional athlete, engineer, artist, author and entrepreneur. This SWAGGER formula has worked time and time again anytime I have faced challenging times in life.

I don’t want to be long winded so I want to give you a free digital book that you can immediately use.


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