Swagger Book: Definition of Swagger


Don’t Stop the Swagger™ includes not only the best selling original written in 2004, but also the updated version which includes:

  • Secrets elite athletes use to heal themselves
  • Workout for PEAK PERFORMERS
  • Wisdom Keys for acquiring MENTAL TOUGHNESS

It is undeniable that elite athletes possess an ability to tap into a reserve of talent, strength and focus in order to reach or even exceed their goals. In the athletic world, this is commonly referred to as a “swagger.”

What if you could reach or exceed your desired…

  • entrepreneurial endeavor
  • dream career
  • family milestone
  • personal achievement

…how would this change your life?

Have you ever wondered what propels elite athletes to success?

Sure, elite athletes have talent, but they also possess a certain set of attributes that, when learned, can turn the “average Joe” into an extraordinary gentleman.

Former professional football player Damon J. Smith believes everyone can have a swagger.

In this never-before released program, you will read stories of noteworthy individuals who overcame challenges to reach seemingly unattainable heights.

You will see the practical steps they took, the mental toughness they exerted, and how you can apply the very same steps to meet or exceed your own goals.

Learn how average people from humble beginnings developed the skills to do amazing things!

These are stories rarely discussed by the mainstream sports media – stories that will empower your walk through life, show you what mental toughness really means, and give YOU a SWAGGER!

The Don’t Stop the Swagger™ Peak Performance Training Program is a must for anyone wishing to push past their barriers and into their dreams!

Do you feel as though you could have made it, but something stood in your way?

It’s never too late to have the life you were destined to live!

The Don’t Stop the Swagger™ Peak Performance Training Program was designed by a professional athlete who reached his goal of competing at the elite level, but whose ultimate aspirations were cut short due to an athletic injury.  Forced to reconfigure his goals outside of the objective to which he’d dedicated his entire life,
Damon J. Smith transitioned into the corporate world, reinvented himself as an entrepreneur, and finally returned to the world of professional athletics to conquer his childhood dream.


Learn how to channel the strategies used by elite athletes to obtain success in every aspect of your life. These are the tactics all elite athletes know, but none share.

Talent can only take you so far in life – there is an entirely different set of skills and techniques required to take your talent to the level of extraordinary achievement. Now you can harness the secrets of peak performance training and live the life you always wanted to live!

Train Like a Professional Athlete!

Video of Author Damon J. Smith having a little fun!

The first section of the Don’t Stop the Swagger™ Peak Performance Training Program will focus on preparing the mind for peak performance. There are six MUST HAVE characteristics of peak performers and you will learn how to develop these skills in no time.

The second section focuses on the physical body, including health and wellness.  Ever wonder how the pros heal so quickly from athletic injuries?  Sure, they can afford to pay top-notch doctors, but there are secrets to health and wellness that don’t require expensive health practitioners. They simply require knowledge.

Thirdly, get a peak performance training program tough enough for pro athletes, but simple enough for someone with less experience, with modifications for anyone rehabilitating from an athletic injury.

Then learn how to apply the characteristics of peak performers and translate those characteristics into tools for success in any arena, be it corporate, business ownership, athletic, entertainment and beyond.

Lastly, tap into a power source you may not even know you possess. Learn to develop an inner strength and mental toughness that will help you overcome ANY situation or circumstance.

You CAN persevere and live victoriously, regardless of your past or present trials.

Learn the steps you can take now to break down any obstacle and take what is rightfully yours!

The Don’t Stop the Swagger™ Peak Performance Training Program is a must for anyone wishing to push past their barriers and into their dreams!

Do you struggle with any of the following obstacles?

  • Weight Gain
  • Procrastination
  • Negative Thoughts
  • Fatigue
  • Quarter-life Crisis
  • Mid-life Crisis
  • Watching too much TV
  • Self Doubt
  • Depression
  • Lack of Motivation
  • Loss of Athletic Contract

Have you tried countless times to turn over a new leaf – or promised yourself that tomorrow you’d start working out again – only to wake up the next morning with a new excuse and the same old mindset?


“Ninety percent of the work done in this country is done by people who don’t feel well.” Theodore Roosevelt

Learn how to turn bad days into days when you thrive! Learn how to set goals and actually follow through, take action and accomplish your goals.

Experience a dramatic change in your life as your perspective changes, you take control and achieve your dreams, instead of sitting on the sideline being a fan of others living the life you know you can have!

Become a self master! Learn how to get out of your own way, understand your imagination and cast down the negative thoughts of doubt, fear, and judgement.

Find your strengths and learn how to use them to achieve your goals!

Don’t let life pass you by. Tap into your inner athlete, business person, media mogul, entrepreneur, warrior. Get inspired from the stories of countless others who beat the odds, found their inner strength and conquered their road blocks!

Whatever your circumstance, you CAN overcome it and attain the quality of life you desire.

Other benefits of the program include:

  • Weight Loss
  • Fat Loss
  • Increased Energy
  • Mental Toughness
  • Inner Strength
  • Reduced Anxiety
  • Better Performance at the Workplace
  • Increased Athletic Performance

This program is designed to prepare your mind, body and soul to do what you determine you want to accomplish.

Health and wellness. Mental toughness. Inner strength.

…Can’t I just start a new work out program to energize my mind and body?

Look, it’s just plain common sense. If you fail to work out, you get out of shape and may develop health problems. If you do not use your mind, you get uninspired, dull and lose creativity. And if you do not exercise the spiritual man, you will have a life without purpose, wisdom and peace to persevere through those times where intellect and physical strength will not assist you. Balance among the three parts of man is essential to becoming the powerful person you can be.

In order for you to improve yourself physically, you must not only strengthen your body, but create a body of health and wellness… one that not only looks good, but runs great. Failing to focus on your internal health but constantly focusing on what you look like by shaping your muscles through strength and explosive training WOULD BE LIKE WAXING YOUR CAR AND FAILING TO CHANGE THE OIL!

The Don’t Stop the Swagger™ Program will give you three key actions to eliminate waste and toxins, rid your body of disease and increase your overall wellness exponentially. I guarantee you’ll feel and run like never before!

The Don’t Stop the Swagger™ Program establishes the basis for growth, perseverance and mental toughness, enabling you to thrive in the world you live in, regardless of the circumstances you face.

The Don’t Stop the Swagger™ Program is more than peak performance training on the athletic field – it is a lifestyle for anyone striving to perform at his or her peak in every area of life!

Real People Talk About Don’t Stop the Swagger™

Watch Brett Metcalfe the 2013 Canadian Motocross Champion discusses discusses Don’t Stop the Swagger. Brett Metcalfe is an Australian turned U.S. professional motocross and supercross racer who competes in the American Motocrycle Association (AMA) Supercross and Motocross Championships. Hailing from Mannum, Australia, Brett is one of the best motocross and supercross riders in the world, taking 3rd overall in the 2010 & 2011 Olympics of Motocross, the prestigious Motocross Des Nations.

Brett has beat considered one of the fastest, consistent and classiest riders in the world beating Ryan Dungey and Ryan Villopoto at the 2011 Southwick round of the highly contested 2011 AMA Motocross Championship to win the overall. Listen as he discusses Don’t Stop the Swagger…

Watch as a real dad discusses the impact Don’t Stop the Swagger had on him … This is a real book for real people who want to succeed in life!


What is the definition of a swagger?